OMC Menopause Cafe (April 2023) – Menopause & Stress Management

OMC Menopause Cafe – Menopause & Stress Management


The (Peri)menopausal period can be an extremely stressful one for a lot of women and some of the symptoms can overlap with those of mental illnesses. It can be a challenge to manage stress and understand the changes in our mood and our bodies.

April’s OMC Menopause Cafe took place on Fri 21 April 2-3pm, hosted by Dr Joyce Ameh, OMC Doctor & Dr Vera Martins, OMC’s resident Naturopath.

In this Menopause Cafe, Joyce and Vera covered the following aspects of stress management in the menopause:

  • Introduction to mental health & menopause
  • What causes mood changes during menopause?
  • Mental health symptoms
  • Risk factors
  • Prevention & treatment
  • Lifestyle amendments – the role of diet and self-care
  • The botanicals that can make a difference

OMC’s Menopause Cafe is open and free to attend for all OMC Patients, friends, and family.