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OMC is designed to help women through the menopause with expert advice and convenient & affordable hormone replacement therapy. We partner with a wide range of specialists and experts in menopause health and wellbeing to provide support, guidance and advice to our patients.

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Donna Power OMC

Donna Power

Menopause Mentor

International mentor and coach, Donna Power has worked alongside doctors in the menopause sector for many years, incorporating the experiences of her own early menopause to provide exceptional support and guidance to women and organisations across the world. This led her to establish ‘Meno-Pause’ as a much-needed mentoring service to support women through all stages of menopause.

Donna provides support across all areas of a woman’s life, working together with her clients to discover areas that can create positive, and sustainable change. For each woman, this is unique and therefore is no set program, but an intuitive process where her clients get to ‘pause’ and deep dive into the areas that really can make a difference in their lives. She believes that working on the ‘full picture’ can not only complement but also enhance the effects of hormone replacement therapy.

“It’s not about getting through the menopause, it’s about thriving through it, and finding what’s in this for you.”