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OMC is designed to help women through the menopause with expert advice and convenient & affordable hormone replacement therapy. We partner with a wide range of specialists and experts in menopause health and wellbeing to provide support, guidance and advice to our patients.

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Alex Reid - Perform Fitness

Menopause Coach and Strength & Conditioning Expert

In our quest to maintain our health, fitness and overall levels of conditioning we are all encouraged to exercise regularly and keep fit. But what about those of us who are experiencing hot flushes, weight gain and other symptoms of the menopause?  Will the benefits of exercise stretch that far?

Alex Reid, Strength & Conditioning Expert and Founder of Perform Fitness will help you understand that exercising during the menopause and the physical and mental health benefits that can be derived from maintaining a healthy routine. In her 10-minute Deskercise sessions, she will get you up from your chairs and moving with a series of simple exercises you can practice every day without the need to visit the gym.

How to contact Alex:
(+44) 7739 186501