April 2022 OMC Menopause Cafe – Menopause and Weight Management

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Almost every woman who goes through perimenopause and menopause will experience a change in their body shape. Weight gain and weight management are two of the most common questions we get asked about at OMC.

With that in mind, we dedicated April’s Menopause Cafe to Weight Management to help shed some light on this area of menopause and answer your burning questions.

Hosted by Dr Laila Kaikavoosi with contributions from OMC’s Naturopath, Dr Vera Martins, this Cafe covered the important factors that play a significant role in weight management including fluctuations in female hormone levels, genetics, hunger hormones, stress levels and sleep.

Areas that were explored further in the Cafe:

  • How hormones affect weight
  • Understanding the hunger hormones and how to optimise them
  • How stress and insulin resistance affect weight
  • Tips and advice on eating healthily and why you need to avoid quick fix diets
  • The importance of sleep in weight management
  • Significance of self-care

OMC’s Menopause Cafes are open and free to attend for all OMC Patients, friends and family but numbers are capped at 50 so please register early to avoid disappointment.