Naturopathy at OMC

Naturopathy with Vera Martins, PhD, ND, MAMH

Affordable, Convenient & Accessible Naturopathy Appointments at the Online Menopause Centre (OMC)

Once you have booked your Naturopathy Initial consultation online, you will receive a Naturopathy questionnaire where you will be asked specific questions about your health and lifestyle such as diet, gut health, sleep, and stress management. This will provide us with a solid understanding of your health picture ahead of the initial consultation, allowing us to focus on the main issue(s) and treatment plan on the day.

The Naturopathy questionnaire will need to completed and returned to us before your Initial consultation with our Naturopath, Vera Martins. Please be aware that without the completed questionnaire we will not be able to proceed with the consultation.

Naturopathy Journey - a Step by Step guide

Week 1

Initial Naturopathy Consultation - 30 mins (£125)

This is a 30-min consultation where we will discuss your presenting symptoms as well as diet, digestion, sleep, stress, lifestyle and emotional wellbeing. The information in your Naturopathy questionnaire will be covered and you will also have the opportunity to ask questions. This consultation is up to 30 minutes and will need to be scheduled by you online.

Personalised Treatment Plan (inc. in Initial Consultation)

Following your consultation, you will be emailed a personalised treatment plan that may include nutrition advice, supplements, herbal remedies and lifestyle advice. If supplements are prescribed, a list will be sent to you in the format of a shopping cart ready for payment and ordering. After ordering, supplements will be sent to your home address usually within 2-3 working days (UK addresses). Functional testing may be recommended (e.g. cortisol daily pattern or gut health) that we will organise for you.

Week 5/6

1st Review - 20 mins (£95)

A 20-min consultation to assess your progress and to adjust the treatment plan accordingly. If you have undergone any functional testing or other investigations, your results will be discussed at this stage and your treatment plan may be modified accordingly.

Week 11/12

2nd Review - 20 mins (£95)

In this 20-min consultation, Vera will continue to assess your progress and readjust the treatment plan accordingly.

Beyond Week 12

Review Appointments - 20 mins (£95)

Once you have your second review, depending on your progress, this may be your last one and a maintenance plan will be prescribed, or you may be advised to have an additional review. Every case is assessed on an individual basis and discussed with the patient. If you need to speak to Vera at any stage once a maintenance plan has been prescribed please book a Review appointment.

Why do I need Review Consultations?

Naturopathy is a step by step process working towards an end goal, requiring follow-up sessions to progressively achieve optimal results. The number of reviews will depend on the nature of each case but it may take up to 3 months with 2 reviews in order to achieve consistent results, although you may feel benefits as early as one week.

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