Ways to reduce your stress levels

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Written by Dr Laila Kaikavoosi


Ways to reduce your stress levels:


Exercise can improve your sleep, release endorphins (happy hormones) and improve your self-image and confidence. Find an exercise routine that you enjoy-walking, dancing, yoga or barre….the list is long so spend some time researching and giving them a go to find out what suits your life and personality.


Supplements can help reduce stress and anxiety. There are a number of supplements with this property like ashwagandha, lemon balm, valerian, green tea and omega-3 fatty acids. You must always consult with a qualified herbalist and inform your doctor as there may be interactions with other medications you are taking.


although sensitivity to caffeine can vary greatly but it is a stimulant and can add to physical symptoms of anxiety like jitteriness and palpitations.


Deep breathing focuses your mind on your breath to make it slower and deeper.


Anything that gets your mind away from the source of stress like spending time with friends and family, hugging and physical intimacy, listening to music and being present by practising mindfulness can help reduce stress and last but by no means least HORMONES, HORMONES, HORMONES….


Make sure your hormones are balanced and that your body has the right fuel to cope with what life throws at it. Without that balance your sleep, focus, memory and most body functions are negatively affected.