Stress Management and Hormone Balance

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Written by Dr Laila Kaikavoosi


In order to reach optimal hormonal health and balance there are multiple important factors which we need to pay attention to. These are in addition and complementary to hormone replacement treatments.


Over the next few posts, we’ll be looking into these significant factors. Let’s start by a more detailed look at stress level and its effects on our hormones and overall health.


Stress can be physical for example after a major surgery or accident or psychological like a bereavement, a move, dealing with mental illness or separation. However, our body responds quite similarly. By releasing a number of hormones.


Cortisol is at the top of this list along with adrenaline and the subsequent changes to the blood sugar levels which mounts the “fight or flight” response.


Cortisol competes with female hormones and although you may be on appropriate doses of HRT but you may not feel the balance as the effect has been blocked at the receptor site.


This can result in impaired immune response which can increase the incidence of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer. In women who have a genetic predisposition to autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto’s (underactive thyroiditis) it can trigger clinical presentation.


Stress is capable of doing a lot of harm both mentally and physically. Although we all talk about it but most often it doesn’t get the attention it really deserves. Stress can kick start a new disorder like thyroid disease and gut inflammation. It can exacerbate an already exciting one like worsening of polycystic ovarian syndrome or premenstrual tension (PMS/PMT).


☀️ Spend some time figuring out what the trigger of your stress is and then spend a lot of time to release it.


☀️ You can do this by mindfulness, meditation, yoga and generally any activity which you find enjoyable and relaxing from cooking, baking to gardening, walking in fresh air or reading a book or a magazine.


☀️ Remember a stressed body and mind can not reach optimal hormonal balance so start every day by taking a long, deep breath.


Tell us what helps to wash your stress away?


Mine is by taking a long walk whilst listening to my favourite music and a good heart to heart with a friend.