OMC Menopause Cafe (Sept 2022) – Contraception for women over 40

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OMC’s Menopause Cafe on Fri 30th September with Dr Jenine Bignall covered the important topic of contraception for women over the age of 40.

The perimenopause; also known as the “menopausal transition” is the time during which a woman’s body makes the natural transition to menopause; which marks the end of the reproductive (fertile) years.

It is often difficult for women to know exactly when they are no longer fertile and although spontaneous pregnancy is rare after age 50, effective contraception is required until menopause to prevent an unintended pregnancy.

Hosted by Dr Jenine Bignall, this Cafe answered common questions relating to contraception and the perimenopause:

  • What contraceptive methods are best in the perimenopause?
  • Do I need contraception if I am already on HRT?
  • Can I use hormonal contraception alongside HRT?
  • How do I know when I have reached the “menopause”?
  • When can I stop contraception?
  • What if I have no periods due to hormonal contraception?
  • Where can I get more information and support on contraception?

OMC’s Menopause Cafe is open and free to attend for all OMC Patients, friends, and family but numbers are capped at 50 so please register early to avoid disappointment.