CASE STUDY: Jill Auriol, GP tried to prescribe anti-depressants for my menopause symptoms

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Age:                 70

Occupation:    Retired (former Head of Science Faculty in a comprehensive school)]


When 70-year-old Jill Auriol was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2019, she came off all medication, including HRT, whilst she underwent chemotherapy.

After being successfully treated for the cancer and wanting to re-start her HRT, despite being on it since she was 50, her GP refused and Jill’s menopausal symptoms – hot flushes, night sweats, aching joints and altered mood – all returned.

Unable to tolerate the menopausal symptoms that were severely affecting her life, Jill decided to seek specialist help. It was only when she found the Online Menopause Centre ( that she was able to get her symptoms under control.

Explained Jill, who lives in Rotherham and has a daughter: “When I was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo chemo, I decided to come off all medication as I was going to be having quite a lot of drugs going into my body. I even stopped dyeing my hair.

“When the chemo finished, I asked my GP if I could go back on my HRT but he said no. I was given anti-depressants because I felt so low but looking back it was because I had stopped the HRT. For some reason 60 seems to be the cut off for HRT which menopause specialists now believe is wrong. All my symptoms returned and I just thought ‘I really don’t want to live like this – I’ve been free of this for years’”.

Added Jill: “A friend of mine had watched the Davina McCall programme about the menopause in May this year – it said that GPs can’t keep up with everything and the menopause is one area where they are lagging behind.

“After hearing this I decided to find a specialist who knew all about the menopause and could help me. I did some research on the internet and found the Online Menopause Centre, which was an absolute lifeline. Dr Laila who I saw was excellent – she really knows her stuff and took the time to listen to my experience.

The Online Menopause Centre (OMC) provides virtual video consultations and individually tailored treatment plans to menopausal and perimenopausal women. It was founded by women’s health and menopause expert Dr Laila Kaikavoosi, who has several years’ experience treating and helping women suffering from the menopause and menopause related conditions.

After having blood tests and a thorough consultation, Jill was diagnosed as being deficient in several hormones – estrogen, DHEA, testosterone and progesterone – and was prescribed a type of HRT that helped her manage her symptoms.

Said Jill: “Within a couple of weeks I noticed the difference. The hot flushes had stopped, my mood had lifted and I felt a completely different person. I felt I had got my life back again.

“The fact that it was online was really helpful – it was nice to be able to see the doctor and talk to them at length. The Online Menopause Centre is ideal for women like me who live outside of London where many of the private menopause clinics are based, as the expense of travelling to them can be prohibitive.”

Around 13 million women in the UK are currently peri or menopausal – equivalent to a third of the entire female population – and its impact can be severely debilitating. Symptoms range from hot flushes/night sweats, headaches, sleep problems and joint pains to anxiety, poor memory, low self-confidence and loss of libido.

Find out how Online Menopause Centre (OMC) can help you with your symptoms by booking an Initial consultation with one of our expert doctors.