Uplift your mood – Health & Happiness Toolkit – Part 3

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By Vera Martins, PhD, ND, MAMH
Naturopath and Herbalist


Following Part 2 of Your Health and Happiness Toolkit – 7 Top Tips for Boosting your Immune System, in part 3 of this series we take a look at some practical changes you can make on a daily basis to uplift your mood.


Prioritising your sleep

Try to make sure you are getting 8 hours of good sleep a night. Sleep is important also to boost your immune system. If you have issues sleeping, have a look at my top tips to improve your sleep.


Manage your stress levels

If you believe stress is an issue consider taking supplements such Ashwagandha and magnesium (as magnesium bisglycinate) which help to regulate the stress hormone cortisol (which when in excess can have negative effects in the body).


Set a daily yoga practice

Even if for 10 minutes only. Yoga engages the body, the breath and the mind, creating a sense of both calmness and positivity. It has never been easier practicing yoga than now with so many teachers offering online classes at the moment (look around in social media or ask your friends). Alternatively, I like to use online videos such as yoga with Adriene .


Exercise and move your body in spite of social isolation

Exercise not only lifts your mood but also boosts the immune system. If possible, go for daily walks or more active exercise outdoors particularly if the sun is shining as sunlight will also raise your vitamin D levels. If going outdoors, remember to follow the suggestions as above on how to do it safely avoiding infection/spreading.


Limit and filter what you read in the news

You can do this by looking out for reliable sources like the WHO, and set a specific time of the day to do it (ideally avoid first thing in the morning or before bedtime) and stick to it.


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