Menopause Health in the Workplace

Raising awareness and supporting businesses and employees with menopause health

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Building awareness and removing the stigma associated with Menopause Health in the workplace

Online Menopause Centre (OMC) has created a programme of webinars, e-learning and training designed to help businesses build awareness and support employees at every level of an organisation, from the boardroom to the shopfloor.

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BUILD AWARENESS throughout your organisation through our tailor-made surveys, webinars and e-learning tools

EDUCATE & EMPOWER your teams with a suite of flexible, comprehensive training from E-learning modules and lunch n' learn sessions to full-day training

REMOVE THE STIGMA of menopause at work for employers who want to create a culture that normalises the conversation around menopause health in the workplace


PERSONALISED TREATMENT 360° care for your employees 365 with affordable, convenient video consultations with specialist menopause doctors