Menopause and Stress Management Webinar

Tuesday 27th February, 11am - 12pm - Dr Vera Martins

OMC Member Webinar - Tuesday 27th February (11am - 12pm)

The (Peri)menopausal period can impact on stress resilience and lead to psychological symptoms that can overlap with those of mental illnesses. It can be a challenge to manage stress at home and at work and understand the impact on our mood and bodies.

OMC’s first Members’ webinar takes place on Tue 27th Feb at 11am-12pm and will be hosted by Dr Vera Martins, OMC’s resident Naturopath and Lifestyle Medicine practitioner (DipBSLM).

In this webinar, Vera will cover the following aspects of stress management in the menopause:

  • Introduction to stress, mental health & menopause
  • Psychological symptoms and how they can impact our work
  • Risk factors
  • What can be done:
    • Learning stress-management tools
    • Developing daily nutrition habits
    • Botanicals and supplements that can make a difference

This webinar is for OMC Corporate Members and their employees but if you’d like to register your interest, complete the form below and one of the OMC team will be touch with further details .