March's Menopause Café - Bladder Health

Thursday 7th March (12.30-1.30pm) - Dr Laila Kaikavoosi, OMC & Peony Li, Jude

Menopause & Bladder Health - Thursday 7th March (12.30-1.30pm) - Register for Free

Perimenopause brings a plethora of symptoms. From hot flushes to anxiety, and dashing for the loo more often. Bladder leaks during perimenopause are super common and this is because as we move through our perimenopausal years, our oestrogen levels drop.

March’s OMC Menopause Cafe on Thursday 7th March 12.30-1.30pm will be hosted by Dr Laila Kaikavoosi and Peony Li, Founder and CEO of Jude.

Jude, a community-focussed healthcare brand, wants to normalise bladder leaks and the discussion around bladder care – they know more than anyone that many of us experiencing early menopause feel embarrassed about leaks.

In this session, Jude will share holistic preventative solutions to improve bladder health, and reduce leaks : from ensuring you’ve adopted the correct peeing posture, to dissecting the nutrition and superfoods that are clinically proven to reduce urinary issues.

OMC’s Menopause Cafe is open and free to attend for all OMC Patients, friends, and family but numbers are limited so please register early to avoid disappointment.